In order to help prove that Joseph Smith did indeed have golden plates from which he was translating, he permitted eleven men to witnesses the secret record. 

Who were these men? Were they trustworthy? Did they ever deny seeing an angel or the golden plates?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claims that because these eleven men saw golden plates with engravings from a language they did not know, that Joseph Smith's translation is therefore correct. Never in the history of linguistics did seeing a language you did not know, and with no way of verifying the language, does that ever automatically make its translation correct.

Joseph was commanded to show the golden plates to three individuals. Who were these individuals? Were they trustworthy? Did they have retract their testimonies?

As he was completing the Book of Mormon, Joseph showed the golden plates to eight other witnesses. Who were these men? Were they trust worthy? Did they ever deny their testimonies?

Other Witnesses

Was anyone else permitted to see the golden plates? Did they ever deny their testimony?

Same Signature?

From the Printer's Manuscript of the Book of Mormon, Oliver Cowdery signed the names of David Whitmer and Martin Harris himself. 

There is no evidence that these men signed the Three Witnesses statement individually. 

Additionally, having individuals sign a collective statement written by someone else is not as credible as having them make their own personal statement. 

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