in the Mormon Temple

Admittance for the Mormon temple is very strict. One must be a member of the church in good standing, having obeyed all of the commandments, and one must pay their tithing (or ten percent of their annual income). Inside these temples, Mormons do a number of what are called "saving ordinances". Each of the rituals (old and new) are examined below.

Baptisms for the Dead

In Mormonism, baptism is necessary for every soul to be saved, thus, they participate in a ritual of baptizing by proxy, their deceased ancestors. 

As part of the temple ceremony, members of the church are instructed to wear "garments." These are essentially underwear that symbolizes promises made with God.

The Initiatory ritual is a precursor for the Endowment. What is this ritual? How as it changed over the years?

The Mormon endowment is one of the most important rituals in the temple. What does this ritual entail? How has it changed? 

For select members of the Church, there is a second endowment or what is also called the "Second Anointing". What does this ritual invovle? Where did it originate? Is it still practiced today?

Adam God

For fifty years, the temple ceremony invovled a teaching that began with Brigham Young. The teaching was that Adam was literally God. What were the details of this teaching? When did it end?

After Joseph Smith's death, Brigham Young had a vision of Joseph Smith and asked him concerning sealing men to men. This became known as the Law of Adoption. What is the evidence for this? What did it mean?

After the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, the Saints covenanted in the temple to avenge the blood of the prophet for many generations after. What are the details of this oath? When did it end? Was it ever acted upon?

Unbuilt Temples

Throughout Mormon history there have been temples announced, yet never built. Why? Why would God inspire a temple that would never be built? How many of these unbuilt temples are there?

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