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My partner and I have opened a publishing company called Edina Publishers. From this company we will not only publish LGBTQ affirming books, but old Mormon books that are now in the public domain.

Wife No. 19 
Ann Eliza Young

Ann Eliza Webb was born into Mormonism in 1844. Her first years were spent just across the road from Brigham Young. Ann Eliza was one year old when her mother became one of the first wives to be subject to polygamy. Her father helped build the wagons and handcarts of the pioneers that journeyed west; a trip that was fatal for many. Her family was an example of what a polygamous family should be, but from inside that family, she knew that all was not well.

Ann Eliza determined never to enter polygamy, but little did she know that as a woman in Utah during the Reformation period, she had no choice in the matter. Brigham Young, who held her as a baby, had his eye on her and wanted her for a wife. 

Follow the story of Ann Eliza Webb Young from her birth to the eventual demise of her faith and her “marriage”. Contemporary with John D. Lee’s Mormonism Unveiled, and Tell It All by Fanny Stenhouse, this historical book gives a view of Mormonism not seen in today’s retellings of Utah’s colorful past. 


This book is a reprinting of the newspaper published in Nauvoo, Illinois which led to Joseph Smith's arrest and, indirectly, his death. Only one edition of the newspaper was ever printed. Joseph Smith called the newspaper a "nuisance" and said that the publishers had "formed a conspiracy for the purpose of destroying [his] life." Joseph ordered the printing press destroyed and the order was carried out on June 10th, 1844. Joseph was arrested on June 25th and was killed by a mob on June 27, 1844.

The book was edited and put into novel format for readability. There are stories, news articles, and ads that have nothing to do with Joseph Smith, but they have been left in for accuracy.

Most members are unfamiliar with the contents of this paper

William Smith 
on Mormonism

Written by the prophet Joseph Smith's brother and originally published in 1883, William Smith brings to light his perspective on the birth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His telling of the first vision, for example, is very different from the canonized version the Church publishes today.

The ebook and audiobook are available today!

Mormonism Unveiled 
John D. Lee

Lee's book was first published in 1877, just after the author was executed for his complicity in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. It was dictated to, and edited by Lee's attorney, William W. Bishop.

Coming Soon! 

Nauvoo Relief Society Minute Book

The very first Relief Society meeting took place on March 17, 1842. Eliza R. Snow was appointed Secretary and had custody of this record. The last recorded Relief Society meeting took place on March 16, 1844 and it did not reappear for twenty years. This record gives insight into the hearts and minds of these faithful Mormon women and why the society eventually ended for two decades.

Coming Soon!

Nauvoo Relief Society Minute Book

As a companion to the Nauvoo Relief Society Minute Book, we will be selling an annotated version as well. For the serious historian, I'd recommend The First Fifty Years of Relief Society compiled by Derr, Madsen, Holbrook, and Grow, but for something more manageable, this will be available soon!

Books in the Queue

 Below is a list of some of the titles that Edina Publishers is/will be working on soon.


Wife Number 19 by Ann Eliza Webb Young

Mormonism Unvailed by E. D. Howe

An Address to All Believers in Christ by David Whitmer

Mormonism Unveiled by Parley P. Pratt

Occultic Sciences by Ebenezer Sibly

View of the Hebrews by Ethan Smith

Maniscrupt Story by Solomon Spaulding

The Late War by Gilbert J. Hunt

Life and Voyage of Christopher Columbus by Christopher Columbus

Travels of Marco Polo ed. by William Marsden

The Mormons by Edward O. Guerrant

New Light on Mormonism by Ellen E. Dickinson

Tell it All by T. B. H. Stenhouse

Morgan's Freemasonry Exposed and Explained by Captain William Morgan

Brigham's Destroying Angel by William Adams Hickman

Women of Mormondom by Edward W. Tullidge

Joseph Smith's History (original) by Lucy Mack Smith

General Smith's Views of the Power and Policy of the Government by John Taylor

Journal of Heber C. Kimball compiled by R. B. Thompson

The Mormon Prophet by Lily Dugall

The Story Mormonism by James E. Talmage

Mormonism Exposed by G. B. Hancock

Mormonism Exposed and Refuted by Wliliam Kirby

Mormonism Exposed by James W. Barclay

Mormonism Exposed Internally and Externally by Origen Bacheler

Mormonism Exposed by Thomas Philip Marshall

Mormonism Exposed by John C. Kimball

Mormonism Exposed by William Swartzell

Mormonism Exposed: The Constitutaion and the Territories by Richard Whitehead Young

Mormonism Explained and Exposed by Dawson Burns

Exposure of Clerical Slander by J. Habe

Origin, Rise, and Progress of Mormonism by Pomeroy Tucker

The Mormon Iniquity by Frederick Alphonso Noble

The Antidote to Mormonism by John Brindley

The History of the Saints by John C. Bennett

The Myseteries of Mormonism by Alfred Trumble

The Golden Bible by M. T. Lamb

Fruits of Mormonism by Nelson Slater

Mormonism Exploded by Andrew B. Hepburn

The Fruits of Mormonism by Newbern Isaac Butt

The Case Against Mormonism by Robert C. Webb

Mormonism Not Christianity by James Dean

The Mormon Elders and the Devils by H. T. J.

The Character of Anti-Mormon Propaganda by W. P. Monson

Mormonism Against Itself by Samuel Wegner Traum



Don't See What You're Looking For?


If there is a title that you do not see, that you'd like to see us publish, just note that unless we have permission, we can only publish books that are in the public domain. In order for books to be in the public domain the author has to have been deceased for at least seventy years. If there is a book that you'd like us to publish that is in the public domain, please reach out to me at

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