Smith Family

People don't often think of Joseph Smith as being one of eleven children. Joseph was the fifth child born of Lucy Mack and Joseph Smith Senior. Who are his siblings? What influence did Joseph's other family members have on his life?  

Who was Lucy Mack Smith? What did her history say and why did Brigham Young want it to be destroyed? 

Emma Smith was Joseph Smith's only legal wife. What did she go through? What did people think of her? What was her relationship with Joseph Smith like?

Immediate Family


Joseph Smith Senior was born July 12, 1771 in Topsfield, Massachussetts. He married Lucy Mack on January 24, 1796, in Tunbridge, Vermont. He died September 14, 1840 in Nauvoo, Illinois.


Lucy Mack was born July 8, 1775 in Gilsum, New Hampshire. She died May 8, 1856 in Nauvoo, Illinois. She did not travel west with the saints.



Infant son. Joseph and Lucy had an infant son who was born and died in 1797 in Tunbridge Vermont.


Alvin Smith was born February 11, 1798 in Tunbridge, Vermont and died November 19, 1823, in Manchester Township, New York. He was 25 years old. 


Hyrum Smith was born February 9, 1800 in Tunbridge, Vermont. He was martyered along with Joseph in Carthage, Illinois on June 27, 1844.


Sophronia Smith was born May 17, 1803 in Tunbridge, Vermont. She married Calvin W. Stoddard on December 2, 1827. Together they had two children. After Calvin's death, Sophronia married a man named William McCleary in 1838. They had no children together. Sophronia did not migrate west with the saints. She died on October 28, 1876 in Colchester, Illinois.


Joseph Smith Junior was born December 23, 1805 in Sharon, Vermont. He married Emma Hale on January 18, 1827. They had eleven children together. 


Samuel Harrison Smith was born March 13, 1808 in Tunbridge, Vermont. He married Mary Bailey on August 13, 1834 in Kirtland, Ohio. They had six children together. Samuel died July 30, 1844 in Nauvoo, Illinois, just thirty-three days after Joseph and Hyrum were killed. 


Ephraim Smith was born and died March 13, 1810 in Royalton, Vermont.


William B. Smith was born March 13, 1811 in Royalton, Vermont. He married Caroline A. Grant on February 14, 1833 in Kirtland, Ohio. He divorced his second wife, Roxie, in 1847 and married his third wife, Eliza, in 1847. After Eliza died, William married for the fourth time to Rosella Goyette in 1889. William died November 13, 1893 in Osterdock, Iowa. William never joined the saints out west. 


Katharine Smith was born July 28, 1813 in Lebanon, New Hampshire. She married Wilkins Salisbury on January 8, 1831 in Kirtland, Ohio. They had eight children. After her husband died she married Joseph Younger for a short time before they divorced. She died February 1, 1900 in Fountain Green, Illinois. 


Don Carlos was born March 25, 1816 in Norwich, Vermont. He married Agnes Coolbirth on July 30, 1835 in Kirtland, Ohio. They had three children. He died August 7, 1841 in Nauvoo, Illinois. 


Lucy Smith was born July 18, 1821 in Manchester Township, New York. She married Arthur Millikin on June 4, 1840 in Nauvoo, Illinois. They had nine children. She died December 9, 1882 in Colchester, Illinois.





Asael Smith was March 7, 1744 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. He married Mary Duty on February 12, 1767. Asael enlisted to fight in the Revolutionary War in July 1776 under Captain John Nesmith, in Colonel Joshua Wingate's Regiment of New Hampshire troops. One might think of Joseph's involvement with Zion's Camp and the Nauvoo Legion. Asael Smith died on October 13, 1830. 


Mary Duty was born October 11, 1743 in Rowley, Massachusetts. Mary herself, followed the Church from New York to their settlement in Kirtland, Ohio where she died. She died on May 27, 1836. 


Solomon Mack was born on September 15, 1732. Solomon served in the French and Indian War. He bought the town of Granville, New York in 1759. Yes, you read that right. However, due to injury, the land was lost. He married schoolteacher Lydia Gates that same year. Together they had four children. In 1776, he fought in the American Revolutionary War. In 1811, he self-published his memoir, Narrative of the Life of Solomon Mack. Solomon died on August 23, 1820 in Gilsum, New Hampshire at the age of 87. 


Lydia Gates was born on September 3, 1732 in Connecticut. She married Solomon Mack in 1759. Lydia was a school teacher, taught her children and encouraged them to teach their own children. 

Who was Lucy Mack Smith? What did her history say and why did Brigham Young want it to be destroyed? 

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