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On Mar 19, 2018, the Church posted a video describing Mary Whitmer's witness of the golden plates:

Mary Whitmer hosted many early Saints during the translation of the Book of Mormon and when the Church was formally organized at a meeting in her home. Elisabeth Westwood introduces Mary's story and explains how it's spoken to her as a Latter-day Saint dealing with depression.

E. L. Kelley & Clark Braden


On page 509 Moroni prophecies that the one who finds these plates shall show them to three persons. Joe showed them to eleven. David Whitmer, says Moroni, showed them to his mother, and Emma Smith says she saw them for days on the table and handled them only covered with a thin cloth, and, strange daughter of Eve that she was, she never "peeked" under that cloth. With all our respect for the "Elect Lady" we can not swallow such a miracle as that

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