Joseph Smith

The First Prophet of the Church

Born in Vermont in 1805, Joseph Smith was just twenty-four years old when he published the Book of Mormon and organized what is now officially called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known to the world as the Mormons. 

"There are few men... who have written so much and told so little about themselves." -Fawn Brodie

In the early 1800s, Joseph Smith, Jr. was hired out by several individuals to seek for buried or lost treasure. Joseph used what is called a "seer stone" to help him find these treasures. Did these ventures prepare him to receive the golden plates?

What was Joseph Smith's family like? What did they do? Were they educated? What was his relationship with them? Did any of his family members participate in occultic rituals?

When Joseph Smith, Jr. was fourteen years old he was reportedly visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. But are these several accounts accurate? Can they be trusted?

Many argue that Joseph Smith could not have written The Book of Mormon because he had a third grade education. But is this true? Just how educated was Joseph Smith?

What revelations did Joseph Smith receive as the prophet? What did he prophecy? Did these prophecies come true?

Before his death, Joseph Smith ran for President of the United States. What were his political stances?

Who did Joseph Smith marry? What was his behavior surrounding women? 

How much money did Joseph Smith have? How much land and other assets did he own?

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